My Best Winter Skin

This new campaign is a multi-year, community-focused giving effort driven by our dermatologist members that will:
• Increase public education and build awareness about best practices in winter skin care for people of color;
• Result in hundreds of hours of community service donated across the U.S. to help people learn better skin health habits;
• Raise funds for the SOCS Foundation so that we can do more of the good work which we have been able to accomplish with the financial support of our industry partners;
• Create more brand-loyal customers for you as a strategic partner.


• Join us to promote #mybestwinterskin! This is, at minimum, a three-year initiative, so we are asking for a commitment through at least the winter of 2025.
• Pledge your support! A Year One donation to the SOCS Foundation.
• Provide us with samples of YOUR products! 5,000 ‘sample size’ product samples which will be handed out by our participating members and at community events in Q4 2023.
• Collaborate with us! There is room for your reps and team to actively participate.

• Your samples will get into the hands of consumers who need them.
• Your brand will get social media exposure.
• Your brand will gain exposure through expected media coverage and be associated with the goodwill of the SOCS mission and its related Foundation.

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