SOCS and LiVDerm Collaborate on Skin of Color Dermatology Education

January 21, 2021
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The Skin of Color Society is pleased to announce a new collaboration with LiVDerm, the comprehensive medical education hub that presents the South Beach Symposium (SBS), the Masters of Pediatric Dermatology Symposium (MOPD), and LiVDerm Deep Dives. SOCS experts will present skin of color dermatology educational content at the Pediatric Skin of Color Symposium at MOPD (February 5) and at LiVDerm Deep Dive (March 6), as detailed below:

  • Pediatric Skin of Color Symposium at the Masters of Pediatric Dermatology (MOPD) Symposium (Virtual Experience): Our first collaborative program will feature SOCS Board member Candrice Heath, MD, FAAD and Latanya Benjamin, MD, FAAD, both nationally recognized and board certified pediatric dermatologists. This educational session will be available for free and delivered online Friday, February 5, 2021, from 10 am-11:00 am Eastern during the renowned MOPD Symposium. This year’s MOPD offers an expanded, 1.5 days worth of educational programming, including a comprehensive review of the latest in pediatric dermatology with topics such as: caring for skin of color, wound healing, COVID lesions, pediatric therapeutics, and more. Led by industry experts and academic educators, MOPD provides education on the latest treatment approaches, protocols, procedures, and tools in pediatric dermatology. To learn more about the exciting agenda, esteemed faculty and to register, visit:
  • LiVDerm Deep Dive: Racial Disparities in Dermatology (Virtual): Our second collaborative program features SOCS leader Amy McMichael, MD, FAAD, who will chair a complimentary live CME online conference titled, “Racial Disparities in Dermatology” on Saturday, March 6, 2021 from 10 am-3:20 pm Eastern. This program seeks to educate dermatologists on racial disparities and differences in treating dermatologic conditions in skin of color, so that they are better equipped to diagnose and treat patients of color. Participants can gain the knowledge needed to bridge the gap in training and clinical research from a panel of dermatology experts who specialize in treating skin of color, as well as from patient cases and patient perspectives. For details and to register, visit:

SOCS President Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, FAAD notes, “We are delighted to collaborate with LiVDerm to share the expertise and knowledge of SOCS experts through these educational programs and help deepen understanding of the medical, dermatological and societal issues affecting patients of color.”

Amanda Jamrogiewicz, CHCP, LiVDerm General Manager comments, “The LiVDerm team is excited and grateful to be partnering with the Skin of Color Society – a leader in inclusion, diversity, and awareness regarding skin of color dermatology. There are significant gaps in diagnosis, treatment, and management of dermatologic conditions in individuals with skin of color. This partnership will enhance LiVDerm’s current and future educational offerings that focus on racial disparities and diversity in dermatologic practices. Our aim is to raise awareness and educate clinicians to improve outcomes in patients with skin of color.”

To learn more about the South Beach Symposium, Masters of Pediatric Symposium/Pediatric Skin of Color Symposium and LiVDerm Deep Dives, visit: and the specific program links above.