Skin of Color Society Committee/Chair Highlight: Research Committee

June 30, 2020
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To help fulfill the overarching mission of the Skin of Color Society (SOCS), which focuses on promoting excellence in, and awareness of, the special interest area of skin of color dermatology, SOCS members serve on twelve different standing committees to carry out various aspects of the organization’s work.

For our first SOCS Committee Highlight, we’ll take a closer look at the SOCS Research Committee, chaired by Nada Elbuluk, MD, MsC, FAAD. This committee is charged with:

  • Advancing scientific study and promote investigative research of skin of color in the basic sciences, as well as in the clinical, surgical and cosmetic areas.
  • Compiling a database of Society members interested in conducting research.
  • Forming liaisons with industry to promote research on issues related to skin of color.

At a time of heightened awareness of healthcare disparities affecting people of color, the SOCS Research Committee is currently working on expanding the number of research grants and the amount of funding offered.

As Dr. Elbuluk points out, “This is particularly meaningful given the shortage of research we have on skin of color populations and conditions. One of the ways we can help bridge this gap is through supporting more researchers who have an interest in ethnic skin. By providing more funding support, we can help support research, which can directly help improve the lives of skin of color patients and help decrease health care disparities.”

SOCS presently offers an annual research grant or grants up to $15,000 to promote dermatology research within the field of skin of color. Award recipients are looked upon as tomorrow’s leaders in dermatology, helping to shape the future of the specialty. The SOCS Research grant is intended to focus on issues related to skin of color where further clinical, translational, and basic research is needed. The grant is also intended to assist young dermatologists in furthering their academic careers.

Thanks to a spate of recent donations from sponsors who felt moved to help us address racial disparities in healthcare and change the landscape for people of color, we are in the process of developing additional grant programs to increase research that will ultimately help improve health outcomes for individuals with skin of color.

To learn more, visit SOCS Research Awards

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