Research Award

The Skin of Color Society is proud to announce the establishment of the SOCS Research Award, an annual research grant(s) (up to $15,000) to promote dermatology research within the field of skin of color. It is the expectation that the recipient(s) of these awards will be tomorrow’s leaders in dermatology, helping to shape the future of the specialty. The grant is intended to focus on issues related to skin of color where further clinical, translational, and basic research is needed. The grant is also intended to assist young dermatologists in furthering their academic career.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Skin of Color Society Grant Awards Committee is to evaluate and fund meaningful clinical research projects with focus on skin of color. Applicants for the Skin of Color Research Award must be a SOCS member, have an M.D. or D.O. degree (U.S. based), be a Dermatologist who is board-certified or board-eligible and who is within the first eight years after completing post-graduate training. An annual award(s) will be made for an amount up to $15,000. 


Open: September 1
Due: November 1    
Announced: November/December

Grant Requirements

  • M.D. , D.O. or international equivalent degree and must currently be at a U.S. accredited program/organization
  • Dermatology residents, dermatology research fellows, and dermatologists who are board certified or board eligible within the first 8 years after completing post-graduate training
  • Research fellow must be doing dedicated dermatology research through an academic institution or formalized research program
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to skin of color research, either clinical, translational, or basic science with clinical applications
  • Relevant research areas pertaining to skin of color
  • Appropriate training in research or mentor available for instruction in this area (letter of commitment from the mentor must accompany application)
  • Grant funding cannot be used for salary support or travel expenses
  • Preference for young dermatologists with no other sources of funding
  • Summary of research results must be submitted in the Skin of Color Society newsletter as well as presented at the SOCS annual meeting two years after receipt of the grant

The Research Committee of the Skin of Color Society will assume the responsibility for reviewing grant applications, making funding recommendations, and monitoring the grants program.

Application Procedure

Tips and Application Checklist

1. The grant application should contain:

  • A narrative description of no more 2,500 words which clearly state the title, objective, rationale, methods and significance of the proposed project. The title of the grant and the principal investigators name, affiliation, address, and telephone and fax numbers should also appear on the first page of the application.
  • Additional pages including a bibliography of the references cited in the narrative, curriculum vitae of the principal investigator and appropriate reprints if necessary to fully document the reason for the proposal.
  • Completed estimated budget template which should be subdivided into categories.

2. All work must begin within six months of the funding of the grant. Only under special circumstances and with the approval of the Skin of Color Society can the work be delayed beyond this time period. Applications should detail the anticipated amount of time needed to complete the proposed work. Grant research should be completed within eighteen months of initial funding. Additional time requirements should be detailed and submitted in writing to the Chair of the Committee.

3. No more than one-half of the grant can be initially sent to an investigator. Once the research is underway and a written report (including details of all expenditures) is received by the Skin of Color Society, further funding may be allowed if the previous use of funds is deemed acceptable by the Committee. More initial funding can be received earlier during the research, but this funding is at the discretion of the Skin of Color Society.

4. The budget for the research protocol must be approved by the Skin of Color Society. The Committee may accept the entire budget or portions of the budget. Funds issued by the SOCS for specific investigations cannot be used for other purposes. In the event that the initial proposal cannot be undertaken, all funds must be returned promptly to the Skin of Color Society Secretary-Treasurer. Please note the grant cannot be used for overhead costs, salary support, or IRB fees. Unused funds must be returned with summary of why the funds were not used.
A written update detailing the progress of the research must be sent to the Chair of the Skin of Color Society within 12 months of initiation of research.

5. Chair/Mentor Letter and CV. The department or division chair must supply a letter of support detailing that the principal investigator will be responsible for conducting the research. The letter should include the following:

  • Discuss their track record and experience with developing mentees
  • What they think the potential is for the applicant as an independent researcher in skin of color

6. Internal Review Board (IRB) approved or pending approval.

7. Change of Address/Practice Type. If the funded investigator transfers locations or practice type (i.e., goes from a university to private practice, or the reverse), these changes must be sent in writing to:

  • The Chairman of the Research Committee, and the SOCS Secretary-Treasurer.
  • The Skin of Color Society will determine if funding is to be ongoing after reviewing these changes. IRB approval must be maintained for the duration of the study if human subjects are involved.

8. Travel. Research funds may not be used for investigator travel expenses.

9. Departmental Costs and Indirect Costs. The Skin of Color Society will not support indirect costs or departmental costs including salaries.

10. Publications and Presentations. Publications and presentations related to the funded research should identify the support of the Skin of Color Society. A copy of any such publication should be forwarded to the Skin of Color Society Research Committee Chairman and to the Secretary-Treasurer.

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Research Award

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