The Skin of Color Society Membership Benefits

  • Participation in an international community of dermatologists and scientists committed to skin of color dermatology.
  • Access to the physician only education section of the website.
  • Access to abstracts and summaries of annual scientific symposia.
  • Receipt of the semi-annual Skin of Color Society education publication.
  • Participation in the annual Skin of Color Society Scientific Symposium.
  • Mentor/mentee relationships.
  • Annual Skin of Color Society Scientific Symposium.
  • Awarding of an investigator research grant to promote research within the field of skin of color.
  • Development of culturally sensitive patient brochures.
  • Creation of a semi-annual Skin of Color Society publication to promote exchange of published information concerning skin of color.
  • Website development with a patient education section and a physician only education section.
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