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The Skin of Color Society is a professional dermatologic organization established in 2004 and is dedicated to promoting awareness of and excellence within the area of special interest of dermatology, skin of color. Individuals with skin of color include but are not limited to individuals of Asian, Hispanic or Latino, African, Native American, Pacific Island, or Multi-racial descent. The mission of the society is as follows:

  • To promote, support, develop and stimulate information about all aspects of skin of color within the specialty of dermatology and to the general population.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to skin of color.
  • To promote the education of physicians, residents, and non-physician scientists, media, government, and third parties, (i.e. managed care and insurance organizations), and the general public regarding the unique in the unique properties, reaction patterns and diseases that occur in individuals with skin of color by encouraging courses in skin of color and other related topics at scientific meetings and dermatology training centers.
  • To advance the scientific study of, and promote investigational research of skin of color including basic science, clinical, surgical, and cosmetic issues.
  • To provide collaborative opportunities for established members and mentoring opportunities for younger members and individuals interested in the field of skin of color.

Who can join the Skin of Color Society?

  • Physicians and Board Certified Dermatologists (or international equivalent)
  • Non-physicians with an advanced degrees (PhD, MS, MPH, PA, RPN, etc . . .)
  • Residents, Research Fellows or PhD candidates in good standing
  • Students in good standing

Do you have to be a person of color to join the Skin of Color Society?

You do not have to be an individual with skin of color to be a member of the Skin of Color Society. The Society welcomes all races and ethnicities of qualified professionals (see categories) who have a special interest/training in skin of color dermatology.

The Skin of Color Society is led by a distinguished Board of Directors which includes Drs. Donald Glass, Valerie Harvey, Candrice Heath, Lynn McKinley-Grant, Crystal Aguh, Ammar Ahmed, Marcelyn Coley, Corey Hartman, Loren Krueger, Shawn Kwatra, Janiene Luke, Caroline Robinson, Neelam Vashi, and Rebecca Vasquez.

We seek to support members with educational programming and investigatory research opportunities so that each member may make a difference in the lives of their patients.

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