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Skin of Color Society

Experiencing record levels of interest from the media, the dermatology/medical communities and the public-at-large

1. Social Media Platforms:

  • INSTAGRAM @skinofcolorsociety     
    •  11,700 followers; Our fastest-growing platform featuring high engagement with our content
  •  Several SOCS leaders and members are highly active on this platform, with substantial followings
  • Numerous inquiries seeking SOCS experts for collaborations and speaking engagements
  • TWITTER @SkinofColor
    • Steady growth 
  • FACEBOOK @skinofcolorsociety

2. Media Requests:

  • Since the last SOCS Media Day (held virtually on November 9, 2021), SOCS has received an average of (8) inquiries per month from journalists, bloggers and content producers representing traditional and digital media. Inquiries come from mainstream news media, health and beauty editors from all the major women’s, health and lifestyle magazines, beauty bloggers, dermatology trade media and healthcare/medical news outlets.
  • SOCS members have shared their expertise leading to 76 media placements since the 2021 Media Day.
  • The unprecedented surge in media interest in recent times has led to the development of the SOCS Speaks initiative, which is the central hub for SOCS experts who stand ready to serve as sources for media interviews and contributions, speaking engagements for academic, dermatology, industry and community audiences, and social media collaborations. In the near future, we will introduce a media/public speaking training program to support SOCS members at all career levels as they represent the Society to a variety of audiences.
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