Media Day 2023

The Skin of Color Society 6th Annual Media Day
Where Science, Innovation & Inclusion Meet: The Educational Video Series

The SOCS Media Day 2023 will capture the expertise of dynamic SOCS leaders to share with the world through a forward-thinking short-form video series. Under the leadership of Dr. Valerie Harvey and co-chaired by Drs. Candrice Heath, Janiene Luke and Nkem Ugonabo, the filming for the 6th Annual Media Day will take place during the American Academy of Dermatology’s Annual Meeting over a three-day period. Line-up of experts and topics for the 2023 educational video series will be announced soon.

The SOCS Experts Video Series will showcase the wide-ranging expertise of a cadre of dynamic SOCS members through the creation and dissemination of educational video content on hot topics in skin of color dermatology.

For our 6th Annual Skin of Color Society (SOCS) Media Day, we will take a different approach from our traditional Media Day event, which in past years has included four in-person events in NYC and most recently, a virtual event held in November 2021.

Why this, why now?

Given the unparalleled power and impact of video in today’s media environment, coupled with tremendous interest in the expertise of SOCS members on numerous topics in skin of color dermatology, healthcare and society, we will dedicate this year’s media-related efforts to producing a series of educational videos for dissemination through news and social media.

The envisioned series of professionally produced short-form videos will serve a variety of important purposes, such as:

  • Providing journalists, bloggers and content producers with engaging and usable video content on hot topics in skin of color dermatology, beauty, healthcare, medicine, and society;
  • Reaching the public by disseminating via PR Newswire and through a customized media outreach campaign. These engaging educational videos can stand alone as news content, augment news stories in the works, and spark ideas for future features;
  • Enhancing and diversifying our offerings in the SOCS educational video library, which are housed on the SOCS website and promoted via social media;
  • Augmenting educational content available to members at no cost and the public for a nominal fee in the SOCS Dermatology E-Learning + Equity Platform (DEEP);
  • Sharing on social media platforms by SOCS, SOCS members, supporters and collaborators to educate the dermatology and medical communities as well as the general public.

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