Joseph L. Graves Jr., PhD

Invited Speaker | Meeting the Challenge Summit

Joseph L Graves, Jr. conducts research in the evolutionary genomics of adaptation shapes our understanding of biological aging and bacterial responses to nanomaterials. He is presently director of the Genomic Research and Data Science Center for Computation and Cloud-Computing, GRADS-4C, NIH; Associate Director/co-PI of the Precision Microbiome Engineering (PreMiEr) Engineering Research Center of Excellence (Gen-4 ERC), NSF, and Director of the North Carolina Amgen Biotech Experience. His books include: A Voice in the Wilderness (New York: Basic Books), 2022; with Alan Goodman, Racism, Not Race (Columbia University Press), 2022; Principles and Applications of Antimicrobial Nanomaterials, (Amsterdam NE: Elsevier),  2021; The Emperor’s New Clothes, (Rutgers University Press), 2005 and The Race Myth (Dutton Press), 2005.

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