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Our Committees

Committee Code of Conduct

Bylaws Committee:

  • Maintain the Society’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide its operations and activities.

Development Committee:

  • To develop the resources of the Society.

Diversity in Action Task Force:

  • At the 2016 SOCS annual meeting, the Diversity in Action Task Force was initiated with a primary goal to build supportive networks and resources to increase the number individuals who are underrepresented in dermatology.

Finance Committee:

  • This committee oversees SOCS finances, reserve fund and investment policy, making recommendations to the Board.

Journal Feasibility Task Force

Membership Committee:

  • Responsible for encouraging international membership through national groups and international mentoring programs.

Mentorship Committee:

  • Comprehensive program that connects young physicians with an approved expert from SOCS.
  • Professional development meetings (in-person or virtual) 3 to 4 times per year to discuss goal-setting, practical ways to increase knowledge in skin of color and more.

National and International Committee:

  • To provide a liaison between International (African, Asian, Caribbean, South, Central and Latin America) and national organizations interested in skin of color (NMA and others).
  • To support attendance at international meetings.

Patient Education Committee:

  • To provide educational materials for individuals with skin of color.

Research Committee:

  • To advance scientific study and promote investigative research of skin
    of color in the basic sciences, as well as in the clinical, surgical and cosmetic areas.
  • To compile a database of Society members interested in conducting research.
  • To form liaisons with industry to promote research on issues related
    to skin of color.

Scientific Meetings Committee:

  • To organize and execute an annual Skin of Color Society Scientific Session prior to the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting.
  • To compile a database of Society members interested in conducting research.
  • To promote the education of physicians, residents, and non-physician scientists in the unique properties, reaction patterns, and diseases that occur in individuals with skin of color, by encouraging courses in skin of color and other related topics at scientific meetings and dermatology training programs.
  • To inform Society members of meetings with subjects pertaining to skin of color
  • To promote the exchange of information and ideas concerning skin of color.

Technology and Media Committee:

  • To develop and maintain a robust and comprehensive website.
  • To develop and disseminate a newsletter for members.
  • Participate in social media.

Under-representation of SOC Images in Dermatology Task Force:

  • The charge of the task force is to systematically vet the various proposals for image solicitation/collaboration SOCS has received from entities looking to create or expand skin of color image databases.
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